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Solaris, VxVM, Cluster L1/L2 and L3 also Interview questions:-

Solaris, VxVM, Cluster L1/L2 and L3 also Interview questions:-

1. How do you replace a failed boot disk under Meta in Solaris? Step by step explanation?

2. How do you remove Meta only for the root slice? Remaining slices should run under meta?

3. What you would do if you want to replace a slice using met replace option?

4. What is the significance of 51% state database replicas in SVM?

5. What are the common errors you find in Solaris Volume manager?

6. You have a boot disk under SVM; the machine fails to boot and remains in ok prompt? what could be the possible reason?

7. Metastat -p shows a metavolume needs replacement. Metavolume is a single way mirror only. Actually you find disk and metavolumes are ok and I/O is happening to the file systems… how you will remove the Meta replace message that comes out of metastat.

8. How to create a shared disk group in VxVM?

9. What is the difference between private and public regions in VERITAS Volume manager?

10. what would you do if the private region of a particular disk group is full? What are the design considerations for the size of private region in Vxvm disk group?

11. How to replace a corrupt private region? In Vxvm 4, 5 and greater versions…

12. How would you convert a volume from gen to fsgen? why should you do that?

13. How can you unencapsulate a boot disk in VxVM?

14. How to identify multiple paths for a disk.

15. What is the difference between Vxdump and EMC power path?

16. Vxdisk -o alldgs list o/p shows some disk groups in braces… What does that signify?

17. What are the various layouts that are available in VxVM?

18. What is a layered volume? How to create it using vxmake?

19. How to quickly mirror a volume, if the volume is empty?

20. How to grow a volume?

21. What is the difference between failing and failed disks?

22. How to replace a failed disk in VERITAS?

23. Plex is in a disabled state. How will you recover? what are the steps to follow?

24.what is the difference between detached and disassociate state of Plexes?

25. What’s the boot process of VxVM?

26. What’s the difference between SVM and VxVM? What would you recommend to your clients? Why?

27. What are the various clusters you have worked on?

28. Which cluster is better VCS or Sun cluster?

29. Compare and contrast VCS and Sun Cluster.

30. How will you start VCS service? What are the configuration files in VCS?

31. How would switch a service group?

32. How would you freeze a service group?

33. What is a Split brain scenario?

UNIX Solaris L1/L2 interview questions:

  1. What would be the action you will take if you are root file system get full (like 98%).
  2. Different kind of patches. What is the need to install patches?
  3. What r the diff level of RAIDS. (In Detail like how to setup diff RAIDS with commands)
  4. Why we implement RAID 5.
  5. In which case we use RAID 1 and RAID 5.
  6. Different between diff SUN Servers (ex v440 and v 480)
  7. Like how to check file system status
  8. How u monitor logs and rotate logs
  9. NFS daemons. How to share files Across n/w.
  10. some user admin commands.(Like how to add /delete/modify user credential info, how to see passwd status, how to update      /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow file ),how to check passwd consistency, change file permission,RBAC)
  11. IMP Troubleshooting on Solaris, vxvm, vcs and some basic commands…
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